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Wood Floor Cleaning Auburn, GA

Auburn Wood Floor Cleaning Team Equipped To Handle Your Wood Floors Needs

When it comes to a hardwood floor, the strictest of inspectors is a pair of clean white socks. Just like fine rugs and carpets or even fine leather, wood floors need to be kept in good condition with polishing and buffing.

Let our service teams with KIWI’s Auburn hardwood floor cleaning do the dirty work! At KIWI, our professional Auburn hardwood floor cleaning staff is equipped to handle even the minutest details when it comes to your beautiful hardwood flooring. Even the normal care you provide on a regular basis might not be enough as dust and spills and heavy foot traffic can tend to scuff away the shine from the floor.

Our team’s wood floor cleaning services of Auburn, Georgia provide quality custom cleaning and waxing of your hardwood floors, allowing their resilience to be seen by all who see them.

Call our Auburn wood floor cleaning professionals at KIWI for a free in home estimate and we can get your hardwood floors looking as beautiful as the day you said, “Sure, we’ll take it!”

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KIWI Wood Floor Cleaning
Auburn, GA