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Rug Repair Auburn, GA

Trust the Auburn Rug Weaving Team For All Your Rug Repair Needs

Auburn Rug Weaving – Over time the constant vacuum and dusting and shifting from heavy foot traffic can break down fibers and weaving in a rug causing it to fray and unravel.

At KIWI’s Auburn rug repair and rug cleaning store, we have a staff of professional Auburn Oriental rug weavers that are trained to deal in repairs from basic area rugs to priceless family heirlooms and delicate oriental rugs.

These experts handle every rug as if it were their own rug that they would display in their homes, and they take the greatest care in all repairs done to them. Trust the Auburn rug weaving team for all your needs! There are over 64,000 variations in simple and complex rug weaving, but not to worry, our staff is equipped to deal with all of them so that your rug looks exactly the way it looked when you first saw it and knew that you had to have it in your home.

Call our experts at KIWI’s rug weaving and repairing services in Auburn, Texas today to get your repairs underway.

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KIWI Rug Repair
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