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Carpet Cleaning Atlanta, GA

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Beautiful Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Services

Dirt, dust and pet dander can really do a number on your carpets, and if you’re tired of looking at the once-beautiful flooring in your Atlanta home, KIWI Carpet Cleaning can help. In 1987, a busy mom who wanted year-round carpet cleanings to keep up with a household buzzing with kids and pets founded this company, and now we’re Atlanta’s go-to choice for people who find themselves in similar situations. All of our customers appreciate the fact that we have 30 years of experience in the business, and you can see it in all of the work we do. In fact, we’re the only Atlanta carpet cleaning company that keeps your carpets beautiful all year long.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta

Germs, dirt and other kinds of contaminants always surround us. The good news is that you can help protect your family’s health with frequent carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning can remove all kinds of contaminants that can make your family sick or suffer from allergies. A clean carpet doesn’t harbor pet dander, germs or bacteria. On top of that, clean carpets look better than tired, dirty carpets.

Once you purchase an initial carpet cleaning totaling $120 or more, you’re entitled to unlimited $4-per-room cleanings for an entire year under our warranty (a small trip charge applies). We’re the only Atlanta carpet cleaning company that keeps your carpets beautiful all year long.

KIWI Carpet Cleaning Reviews Atlanta

Atlanta Loves KIWI Carpet Cleaning

People all over Atlanta are buzzing about KIWI’s professional carpet cleaners, and they’re leaving us rave reviews. One of the biggest draws to our Atlanta carpet cleaning service is the fact that people can call for an affordable cleaning whenever they need to.

“LOVED IT! We are very pleased with the results, smell and look of our carpets! I am very happy that I can get my carpets cleaned again in 5 weeks when I have family coming due to your amazing warranty!” – Martha Campbell

“I love this company and their many services…As long as I have carpet in my home I will be with this company. Their one -year warranty is amazing. I love the ability to call as many times I want in a year.” – Amber Duran

Carpet Cleaning Warranty For Atlanta Customers

Atlanta’s Best and Most Affordable Carpet Cleaning

It makes sense that the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that you clean your carpets at 6-month intervals. Under certain conditions, such as high humidity and high traffic, or if you live in a home with pets or smokers, you should have your carpets cleaned more frequently.

If there has been any kind of environmental contaminations, monthly carpet cleanings can help ensure your family’s safety; residual toxins can appear and reappear over time, making your home a hazardous environment for everyone inside.

With our KIWI Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Service, you’ll be able to afford to keep your carpets beautiful and contaminant-free throughout the year.

Our customers love the warranty, but that’s not it; they’re also impressed with our technicians.

“I chose KIWI because of the one year warranty. It was one of the deciding factors to choose them over other companies. The technician was great, he was pleasant and felt comfortable to have him in my home.” – Courtney Lewis

KIWI’s Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

We choose to use environmentally friendly and extremely convenient dry carpet cleaning techniques because we don’t want you to deal with wet, soggy carpets for days. Using our innovative method ensures that there’s no damp smell, and you can walk on your carpets as little as 15 minutes after we’re done. Plus, with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, we’ll fix any carpet cleaning job, free of charge, if you’re unhappy.

Call us to schedule your carpet cleaning in Atlanta and join the ranks of thousands of happy KIWI customers.

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KIWI’s Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“Troy was great! He was very passionate about meeting my needs, explained the process thoroughly and all in all very professional, and expert in what I wanted done! Rachel who answered the phone when I called for appt. was also very knowledgeable about my basement and berber carpet and explained the cleaning experience completely. Would recommend KIWI to anyone!”

Wendy F. (Atlanta, GA, 30316)
5 star rating
“Wonderful Job by the Technician. I would Highly Recommend your company again.”

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