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Wood Floor Cleaning Acworth, GA

Acworth Wood Floor Cleaning Professionals Can Meet All Your Hardwood Floor Needs

Here at KIWI, we have 30 years of experience and know the beauty and benefit of hardwood floors. Unlike carpet, wood floors do not collect dust and allergens, keeping your home cleaner and healthier. But professional maintenance is key to keeping those floors beautiful. KIWI provides the best in wood floor cleaning services in Acworth, Georgia.

Wood floors provide value and luster to a home, but they do require special maintenance in order to maintain their beauty and value. Although any homeowner can mop and sweep as directed, sometimes professional Acworth wood floor cleaning services are necessary.

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Services in Acworth

The EPA recommends having a professional clean your hardwood floors every one to six years. Although homeowners can maintain floors through light vacuuming and sweeping, professionals like KIWI provide professional Acworth hardwood floor cleaning, buffing, and waxing. This is essential in areas of high traffic such as kitchens, halls, and entryways. KIWI Wood Floor Cleaning professionals can meet all your hardwood floor needs.

Tips to minimize damage to hardwood floors:

  • Use a soft cotton mop to sweep floors
  • Clean any spills or liquids immediately before they stain or soak into the floors
  • Disable the beater bar on vacuums to provide softer vacuuming and to protect the floor.
  • Use furniture pads to prevent against scratches on the floor from moving heavy furniture.
  • Put rugs and runners in areas of high traffic to prevent against unnecessary wear from shoes and feet.

The Acworth hardwood floor cleaning professionals at KIWI can handle your every need.

Reviews for KIWI’s acworth wood floors cleaning

Lucrecia H. (Acworth, GA, 30101)
5 star rating
“We first used KIWI Services in 2007 and were very pleased with them. We used the Warranty services twice after that and they delivered quality services each time. We have since moved a few times until we were blessed to purchase and settle into our new home and decided that we would continue their services again. I can’t wait to have our new home “Freshened up” again with the sweet citrus smell of KIWI Services. Trust me you will be highly pleased.”

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