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Wood Floor Cleaning Thornton , CO

Trust all your floors to KIWI Thornton Wood Floor Cleaning! What a beating wood floors take every day! Shoes bring in sand, dirt, gravel and grease. Pets track in mud and dig in with claws. Kids spill, drop, slap and stomp. From every member of the family, our wood floors get a daily lashing that makes it little wonder that, over time, they start to lose their luster. That’s when you call in the professionals at KIWI Wood Floor Cleaning.

Unsurpassed Thornton Wood Floor Cleaning services

KIWI’s Thornton Wood Floor Cleaning. That’s why KIWI offers Thornton hardwood floor cleaning and wood floor waxing services – to help our wood floors keep their shimmer. If your wood floors don’t shine like they used to; if cleaning them has become more difficult; or if it has been a while since they were last treated, call KIWI Thornton wood floor cleaning today to see about a cleaning, buffing or waxing service that will extend the life of your hardwood floors and restore their original beauty.

KIWI Thornton hardwood floor cleaning is a home services company with 30 years experience and KIWI wood floor cleaning services in Thornton , Colorado backs all its work with a satisfaction guarantee.

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KIWI Wood Floor Cleaning
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