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Rug Cleaning Thornton, CO

Rug cleaning Thornton can be challenging – especially with ground-in stains. But Thornton rug owners needn’t worry with KIWI’s professional Thornton rug cleaning technicians always on call to restore Thornton rugs – be they Thornton or multicolored.

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Call the professionals at KIWI Rug Cleaning Thornton for all your cleaning needs! Even without stains, rugs need routine cleaning to keep them from fading or being damaged by abrasive dirt and sand particles. An area rug can hold as much as eight pounds of such particles before it even starts to look dirty! While settling into the rug, dirt and sand particles scratch and tear at fibers, loosening the weave and attacking the rug’s structure.

Guaranteed Results For Our Thornton Rug Cleaning Clients

If your rug looks dirty, you’re already late in getting it cleaned! But one treatment from KIWI rug cleaning services in Thornton, Colorado can remove that loose dirt and restore your rug’s color and loft. We do all sorts of cleaning and specialize in delicate Thornton Oriental rug cleaning. Of course, some reasons for cleaning are less subtle. Rugs are the recipients of spills, stains and constant traffic. KIWI’s rug cleaning Thornton professionals can remove stains as well. We can also remove odors.

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