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Tips for Taking Care of Your Hard Wood Floors

  1. Wipe up spills right away! If the finish on your floors is worn in places or too old to put up much resistance, water can penetrate into the wood itself and cause warping.
  2. Use rugs or mats in high-traffic areas to protect floors from dirt, salt, sugar and other rough particles. Over time, those substances will scratch and dull the surface of your floors. Also clean your rugs often to prevent them from transferring dirt and grime to your floors, making the problem worse.
  3. Use fabric or furniture guards on the bottom of chair and table legs to protect floors from deep gashes as you push and pull furniture across it.
  4. Use a large-head, soft-cotton dust mop to sweep floors. But if you must vacuum, use the brush attachment only.

Parker Wood Floor Cleaning Company

If you are applying these tips, you’re taking great care of your hardwood!

So if your floors are still looking a bit dingy and dull, it simply means it’s time for your annual, professional hardwood floor cleaning and waxing!

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