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Parker Tile and Grout Cleaning – Is it time to clean your ceramic tile floors – AGAIN?!

You know all too well what a long, arduous (not to mention back-breaking) job cleaning your tile can be. Down on your hands and knees, scrubbing each tile and each grout line.

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And when you think of cleaning the areas that are used the most, like the entry area and the kitchen—especially around the stove—where the tile has darkened from spills and the grout is oily and stained . . . Oh! Your aching back!

Well, don’t give it another thought. Instead, call your professional tile care team—Parker Tile and Grout Cleaning. Our technicians will apply a specially-formulated, deep cleaning solution to penetrate the surface of the tile and soak into the grout’s pores. Then, they will apply steady-abrasion via our tile cleaning machinery to lift the dark, oily patches right out.

In no time, your floors will be pristine and beautiful again! And your back will thank you.

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