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Rug Cleaning Northglenn, CO

From spilled wine to dirt from muddy shoes, KIWI Services’ Northglenn rug cleaning services is your safest choice for getting and keeping your rugs clean. Our rug cleaning professionals can handle any stain or problem your rugs may face.

Unique Rug Cleaning in Northglenn

Kiwi’s rug cleaning team never drowns your rugs in liquid chemicals; instead KIWI uses a tried and true hand washing method on all the rugs we clean. We know how delicately your rugs should be handled, which is why our experts chose to handle each rug by hand to ensure a great clean while maintaining the integrity of your rug. This way avoids colors bleeding together or dirt transferring from rug to another.

Northglenn’s Most Diverse Rug Cleaning

KIWI works on all kinds of rugs. Here are just a few of the rugs KIWI services.
• Dhurry
• Berber
• Oriental
• Olefin
• Pakistani
• Indian
• Egyptian
• Area rugs

Aledo Rug Cleaning

Guaranteed Clean

KIWI guarantees all of our rug cleanings with a 30-day clean guarantee. If we missed any spots, we will fix them free of charge.

Give KIWI a call today to schedule a free pickup of your rugs!

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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Northglenn, CO