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Rug Cleaning Lone Tree, CO

When your rugs need that special touch, a really professional cleaning, call your rug cleaning experts at the Lone Tree KIWI Rug Cleaning team!

We’re knowledgeable about every aspect of rugs. We mean it! Our technicians are all highly trained to recognize, analyze and evaluate every type of stain and odor condition that any rug may have. Then, we give you a free estimate and go to work once you give us the okay to proceed.

Lone Tree 30 years of Experience in Rug Cleaning

We only use the most gentle-and safest-hand-washing techniques to clean your home rugs. Never abrasive. Never harsh. Never soaked in tons of liquid. It’s almost as if your rugs are our rugs. That’s how well we treat them. We want you to ooh and aahh at just how fabulous your newly-cleaned by KIWI rugs look! Just your look of satisfaction and your recommendation to all your friends about Kiwi-makes us smile!

Our clients sometimes love to stump us, we’ll admit. We’ve had carpets from countries with names that aren’t on most maps. Still, we know fibers, and hand-weaves, and every type of rug craftsmanship.

Superb Rug Cleaning Lone Tree Company

Your Rug Cleaning technicians will clean both sides of your rug-to ensure that hidden dirt that’s penetrated to the bottom is gone for good.

The specific rug dye used is also another consideration our techs take into account when determining the exact cleaning process for your particular rug. We ensure that the dye won’t migrate or bleed into other areas of your rug.

When it comes to cleaning your home’s rugs, give the experts at your Lone Tree KIWI Rug Cleaning Company a call. Fast and professional, with 100% customer satisfaction, your KIWI crew is just waiting to bring your rugs a fresh, new look! Call today.

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