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Rug Repair Highlands Ranch, CO

Highlands Ranch rug weaving – KIWI employs master weavers and fringe specialists that have knowledge and experience with rugs and weaving from all over the world. KIWI understands that centuries of time, training, and dedication go into each imported heirloom rug and take great care in tailoring our services to meet the needs of your unique area rug. Highlands Ranch Oriental rug weavers have experience with rugs from Pakistan, Egypt, India, and many more as well as Dhurry, Berber, and Olefin type of weaves. No matter the origin, fiber, or weave, KIWI’s rug weaving and repairing services in Highlands Ranch, CO understands that all area rugs take a beating from the normal wear and tear of life.

Highlands Ranch best rug weaving & repairing Company

Highlands Ranch rug weaving can repair everything from holes and tears to worn binding, fringes, and even tough odor and stain removal. Highlands Ranch rug repair takes great care in matching the fibers and dyes of your unique rug and will carefully restore your rugs to their original condition.

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