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Rug Cleaning Glendale, CO

Get your rugs bright and new again with KIWI Rug Cleaning in Glendale, CO. Rugs can be dirty while still looking clean, so don’t wait until you rugs look really bad to call KIWI. With our free pickup and delivery, getting your rugs with KIWI is easy. Plus, we have 30 years of experience, so you can trust us with your rug cleaning needs.

Green Rug Cleaning Services for Glendale

In our rug cleaning process, we never dip rugs in vats of chemical cleaning solutions, we hand wash them. We’ll first inspect your rug to check for any existing damage then vacuum it to release any loose dirt and allergens. We’ll then start our hand washing process that helps to preserve your rug’s beautiful colors. Once finished, we’ll lay your rug flat to dry to avoid stretching the fibers. When your rug is dry, we’ll vacuum it once more and apply protectant to the fringes. We’ll then schedule a delivery date and bring your rug home to you.

Give the Experts in Glendale Rug Cleaning a Call

For 30 years, KIWI has been cleaning rugs and getting them back to beautiful. You can trust your precious rug to KIWI and our years of knowledge and expertise. Plus, we guarantee our cleanings for a full 30-days or we’ll come back out to perform a re-cleaning on your rug until you are satisfied. We always stand behind our work to ensure a high quality service.

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