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Rug Repair Addison, TX

Sometimes our rugs suffer from wear and tear that can only be professionally fixed. KIWI Services is the best pick in Englewood for mending and fixing your rugs. Our expert rug repair team has been restoring rugs for 30 years and are the #1 in the industry.

Professional Rug Repairs in Englewood

Our professional rug repair team can provide fringe repair, rebinding, reweaving, and many other fixes to your rugs. We can work on a variety of rugs including:
• Oriental
• Dhurry
• Berber
• Indian
• Pakistani
• Area Rugs
• Egyptian

If you should run into any issues, KIWI offers a one-year guarantee of all the repairs we perform.

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Englewood rug weaving

All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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