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Rug Cleaning Commerce City, CO

Commerce City Rug Cleaning Services
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2) 35 years of rug cleaning and repairs experience

3) Over half a million happy customers

4) Green rug cleaning Solution

5) Free pickup and delivery

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Cleaning rugs can be as simple as servicing a throw-rug, or as complex as an heirloom-quality, hand woven, or Oriental rug, each with its own unique requirements. When your valued rugs need attention, KIWI is the rug cleaning Commerce City company you want on the job.

Unsurpassed Rug Cleaning Quality

Our Commerce City rug cleaning experts do it the old-fashioned hand, using our PH balanced mild citrus cleaners to protect your rugs from bleeding, fading or migration. At KIWI, we will never submerge your rugs in vats of harsh chemicals, or hang them up to dry. Our cleaning process is time-tested, and involves:

  1. Inspecting and evaluating your rugs by our Senior Rug Experts to determine its type and special needs.
  2. Sweeping BOTH SIDES of your rug to remove loose dirt and dust.
  3. Gentle hand-washing of your rugs using the proper cleaner for your type of rug.
  4. Nuetralizing odors with our fresh citrus agent.
  5. Drying your rugs FLAT to prevent stretching, bleeding and migration.
  6. Performing any required detailing.
  7. Re-dusting your rug to insure cleanliness
  8. Any restorations or repairs it may need.

First Class Oriental Rug Cleaning for Commerce City

No two rugs are alike. That is why our rug cleaning Commerce City team and Commerce City Oriental rug cleaning team includes a Senior Rug Expert, a Master Weaver, and a Fringe, Surging and Binding expert. One phone call to us, your rug cleaning services of Commerce City, Colorado can restore your rugs back to their original magnificence.

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