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Rug Repair Tolleson, AZ

Tolleson Rug Weaving Team is On Your Side

If your favorite dog and your favorite rug got into a fight, who would win? Okay, maybe you can’t tell us who would win, but WE can tell YOU who you should call to fix the rug – KIWI’s Tolleson Rug Repair Experts.

Green Rug Repair In Tolleson

It’s Tolleson Rug Weaving to the Rescue

We can take any damaged rug from anywhere in the world and make the necessary repairs without difficulty. Our Master Weavers, Rug Experts, and Fringe Surgers and Binding Specialists are all on hand to address your rug repair needs.

Tolleson Oriental Rug Weavers Too

No matter what the weave pattern, no matter what the dyes used in the rug, KIWI Services can repair your rug completely. Holes, rips, or tears in the rug will be but a memory once KIWI’s Experts have mended your treasured rug.

KIWI also offers rug cleaning for your area rugs or oriental rugs as well as carpet cleaning, repair, and restoration. 

Call KIWI’s rug weaving and repairing services of Tolleson, Arizona today for a free estimate!

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KIWI Rug Repair
Tolleson, AZ