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Rug Cleaning Sunnyslope, AZ

Featuring deep rug cleaning, rug odor removal using KIWI Rug Cleaning’s Ozone Fogging Chamber or just simple rug cleaning – all these are the rug cleaning services of Sunnyslope, Arizona offered by KIWI.

Outstanding Rug Cleaning in Sunnyslope

Did you know that KIWI has its own Rug Cleaning Institute? This is where we offer the very special Ozone Treatment for rugs with tough odors that you haven’t been able to have removed, KIWI’s rug cleaning Sunnyslope professionals can. With our special Ozone Treatment, this KIWI Sunnyslope rug cleaning process segregates your rugs in the chamber for odor neutralization for a specified period of time. After your rug is removed from the chamber, the odors are gone forever!

Pet urine is one example of a deep-seated odor problem that’s proved troublesome for many other rug cleaning companies. KIWI’s rug cleaning Sunnyslope professionals are expert at removing such nasty smells from your fine rugs.Another odor problem many people complain about (as well they should) is tobacco smoke. Once it’s saturated your rugs, it’s very difficult to remove. In fact, the only way to truly remove it is through special treatment – like KIWI’s Ozone Fogging Chamber. area rug cleaning by KIWI pro

Sunnyslope’s Most Recommended Rug Cleaning Company

So when you’ve decided it’s time to get your special rugs (Berbers, Orientals, treasures from around the globe, even heirlooms and area rugs) cleaned, KIWI’s Sunnyslope Oriental rug cleaning is standing by. Call the wonder wizards at KIWI today!

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