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Rug Repair Sun City, AZ

Sun City Rug Weaving and Sun City Rug Repair

Our Sun City rug weaving team is standing by to provide top-notch Sun City rug repair services for you. Do you know that KIWI loves Rug Repairs for Sun City folks? We literally wait for the phone to ring so we can rush to your home to demonstrate our talents. Well, we don’t repair your rugs in your home (unless it’s the best way to handle the repairs). We take your Sun City rugs to our KIWI facility where they receive the very best treatment from a trio of professionals.

Most Effective Rug Weaving & Repairing in Sun City

Your rugs will be overseen by our KIWI senior rug expert. From start to finish, he will be on the job to ensure only the best care for your rugs you’ve entrusted to us. Our teams even include Sun City Oriental rug weavers!

Weaving and full restorations are the department of our KIWI master weaver. Those missing fringes? Rugs that have surging? KIWI’s fringe surging and binding specialist is your key to spanking new rugs again.

No more tattered-looking rugs. Bring them back to life with a quick call to KIWI’s Rug Repairs team of experts. From expensive to inexpensive, from world-wide origins, KIWI’s team performs magic on all your Sun City home’s rugs.

KIWI also offers rug cleaning for your area rugs or oriental rugs as well as carpet cleaning, repair, and restoration. 

Call today for the best rug weaving and rug repairing services in Sun City, Arizona!

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