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Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Reviews for services in phoenix

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Leslie Y. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“Terrific! On time, very nice guy, efficient, did a great job. Had alot of surface stains and it looked amazing afterward.”

Phoenix H. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“I needed carpet cleaning for a home we had rented, and I chose Kiwi based on their cleaning methods and positive reviews. When I called to schedule an appointment, the lady on the phone was so helpful and worked with me on a price that would fit my budget and needs. When my appointment day arrived, I was worried that I would be waiting all morning for the tech, but he showed up on time, introduced himself, and did a great job. ”

Jen M. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“Great job! Tech was very thorough on any spots that needed extra treatment. All carpets were left perfectly clean. The Tech make sure to clean up after himself any anything that landed on the tile as a result of the carpet cleaning machine. Love the warranty. 10/10 will use again!”

Shirley M. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“I have been a Kiwi customer for over a year and they are amazing! The representative was courteous and went out of his way to make sure our carpet was clean and we were satisfied. Thanks again! It is a pleasure to deal with a reputable company and great personnel.”

Carole M. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“My son referred me to Kiwi so I decided to give them a try last year after the holidays. They did a fantastic job. I was called last week to see if I wanted to have follow-up service before the year was up as part of the warranty. I was too busy at work to talk at the time and the man was so very polite. With absolutely NO pressure he told me I could call anytime. This morning I did and there was still no pressure. I just received courteous information and help scheduling my service for the 29th. This company is so easy to work with and I might add the cleaning they did was wonderful. I anticipate the same great cleaning soon.”

Tracey C. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“Kiwi cleaned my carpets and did an excellent job that is why I am using them again for the whole house. It was nice having the one year guarantee and made the second cleaning less expensive. Abe was my technician and I felt comfortable while he was in my home. I would recommend Kiwi to anyone looking for excellent service and a company that stands behind their work.”

Anonymous (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“I have been a Kiwi customer for a number of years and I have ALWAYS received outstanding services. Whether for carpet, upholstery, or air ducts; I have always been extremely satisfied. I have found the technicians to be efficient and professional. The office staff is courteous and responsive to my needs. I am in love with the warranty service for my carpet. It is the best thing ever!!! I highly recommend Kiwi. Everyone should try it least once. You won’t be disappointed.”

Alex B. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“Kiwi Carpet Cleaning has been a life saver since I got a new puppy! Its so wonderful coming home to a clean odor free carpets again 🙂 The warranty is priceless!”

Anonymous (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“Great customer service. Carpets were cleaned and dried very quickly. The warranty is great because they will come out to your house cheaply anytime in the next year and clean the carpets again. Makes it more affordable.”

Tracey. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“They were on time and cleaned the pet stains perfectly. Carpets were dry in no time. This is a great deal! ”

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KIWI Carpet Cleaning Reviews
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