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Wood Floor Cleaning Peoria, AZ

wood floor cleaning

If you have hardwood floors in your home, then you already know that they give a beautiful and open look to any room. Cleaning them is quite easy as well. A small broom and dustpan can usually do the clean-up trick, or a vacuum cleaner works just as well. What can’t be repaired or cleaned with those two useful tools is the scratches and scrapes your wood floors get from doors, chairs, tables or other furniture being hauled across them. If your wood floors bear the dreaded scuff marks, scratches, or a general drabness in appearance, perhaps it’s time to call KIWI Services. Our certified technicians come to your home with powerful buffer, waxing machines, and polishers to whip your wood floors back into shape. Say goodbye to the scuff marks and say hello again to the natural beauty of your wood floors.

KIWI’s Peoria Wood Floor Cleaning Reviews

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