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Rug Repair Peoria, AZ

One would think that there is not much to the actual weaving of rugs, for it seems relatively straightforward. However, many people are surprised to learn there are over 64,000 different ways a rug can be woven. How do we know this? KIWI Services has senior rug experts on staff, along with master rug weavers and they know rugs!

KIWI also offers rug cleaning for your area rugs or oriental rugs as well as carpet cleaning, repair, and restoration. 

Top rug repairs Company in Peoria

If your favorite rugs are in need of a little TLC and repair, who better to handle your rug repairs than qualified experts? KIWI can mend rugs from all over the world, yet gives each one exceptional treatment. A rug may come into our studio looking like it was in a fire, and leave looking like it was just purchased in the finest rug shop in town. Let KIWI Services’ Master Rug Re-Weaving experts restore your rug today.

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