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Carpet Repair Peoria, AZ

Carpet repair experts at KIWI Services want to hear about your carpet needs. So far, we have yet to be stumped in the repair department, so we’re sure we can handle your dilemma. With 30 years experience and a team of repair gurus, we can take your holey, bumpy, fraying, or wavy carpets and turn them back into the carpets you once loved in your home. We can also provide carpet cleaning for your home or business, and carpet repair services that tackle damaged carpet and pet damage. No more hiding carpet blemishes with creative furniture arranging – just let the experts come in to tell you what we can do. We also are the best Phoenix carpet repair company.

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Raucous pets and/or accidents result in many carpets’ wear and tear, but it doesn’t mean you need to replace the whole thing. Speak to our experts first about repairs. We offer many carpet repair and carpet stretching services to re-beautify your home.

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Carpet Repair

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