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Carpet Cleaning Peoria, AZ

carpet cleaned and groomed  in  peoria

Have you been putting off having that stain removed from your carpet, because you’ve found that the sofa covered it so nicely? Tsk, tsk! The stains need to be removed so that you can feel good about living in a truly clean carpet home!

The benefits of clean carpets are too many to name, but imagine rearranging your furniture whenever you want just to spice up your life. Imagine not having to hide spots or stains with plants when you have guests over.

Peoria’s finest carpet cleaning service

When your carpet is professionally cleaned using our specially formulated KIWI pH balanced cleaning solutions, the carpet is truly clean and there is a nice, citrus-scented aroma left behind.

Our Clean Carpet Guarantee promises that KIWI will come back within 30 days and re-clean your carpet if you are unsatisfied with our work. Give KIWI Services a call today to ask about our carpet cleaning services and specials.carpet cleaning with 2 kiwi techs

KIWI’s Peoria Carpet Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“Excellent customer service. Good job on carpets. Can’t beat the year warranty!”

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