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Rug Repair Mesa, AZ

Oh, my – don’t let these words ruin your day when you see your rugs have come apart – call the experts at KIWI Mesa Rug Weaving!

Little animals can cause a lot of damage when they scamper through your home, tearing up your rugs with claws, chewing on the fringe, leaving little deposits that stain and ruin color. We know. We love animals, but we sure know how they can cause problems to our (and your) rugs. Let KIWI’s Mesa Rug Weaving pros fix up your rugs and restore them to brand-new!

Mesa Rug Weaving & repairing service

Here’s how we do it:

Our KIWI Mesa senior rug expert takes charge of overseeing your particular rug weaving job. He is assisted by our KIWI Mesa master weaver, who handles full rug restorations. And KIWI’s Mesa fringe surging and binding specialist takes care of all kinds of problems. Together, they perform miracles on your rugs! Rug being repaired

Replacing fringe, repairing binding, whole new weaving repairs – no problem for KIWI’s Mesa Rug Weaving crew!

Call your Mesa KIWI Rug Weaving experts now for a free estimate!

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KIWI Rug Repair
Mesa, AZ