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Rug Cleaning Goodyear, AZ

Goodyear Rug Cleaning -You know you need to get your rugs cleaned professionally, but a part of you is still thinking that a good beating with a broom will get them just as clean, and save you a few dollars.

At KIWI Goodyear Rug Cleaning, we take rug cleaning seriously. Your rugs will be cleaned using our pH-balance citrus cleaner that helps prevent fading and color migration. We offer Goodyear Oriental rug cleaning services. Our rug cleaning Goodyear technicians also follow a comprehensive process designed to get your rugs clean without any damage.

Goodyear’s State Art Rug Cleaning Methods

1. Pre-Wash Inspection
Your rug is checked for any pre-existing conditions that may need special care such as prior dye bleeding, worn areas, tears, etc.

2. Dust Removal
We sweep and vacuum both sides of your are thoroughly with beater bars to remove any trapped dirt (Did you know that a rug can hold up to 1 lb of dirt per foot before LOOKS dirty?!). area rug cleaning by KIWI pro

3. Wash & Treat
Rugs are hand-washed using a professional process customized to the make up of your rug-its fibers, dyes, construction and level of soiling.

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