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Carpet Repair Goodyear, AZ

Goodyear Carpet Repair and KIWI – Carpets see a lot of action. Shoes bring in dirt. Pets leave pet smells. Children sometimes spill Kool-Aid, paint, and crayon. It’s no wonder carpets get worn and torn. But when you need carpet repair help, remember to call KIWI for carpet repair services in Goodyear, Arizona.

Goodyear carpet repair service with amazing results

Our professional carpet repair team, has been fixing carpets since 1987. These are just some of the tough problems we’ve solved:

-Pet stains and odor
-Pet bites, holes, and tears
-Cat claw holes and loose fibers
-Cigarette and candle burns
-Rust and permanent stain transfer
-Ruffles, waves, loose areas
Flood damage
-Bleach spots
-Permanent stains such as Kool-Aid, crayon, lipstick stains
-Mismatched carpet
-Melted carpet

Goodyear carpet repairs and stretching by kiwi

We offer Goodyear Berber carpet repair and other complex repairs. You can be sure we’ve seen and solved just about everything. But don’t just take our word for it, when you call to schedule your free Carpet Repair Estimate, ask us for details on our Carpet Repair Guarantee.

Carpet Repair

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