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Rug Cleaning Glendale, AZ

Glendale Rug Cleaning

At KIWI rug cleaning Glendale, we recognize that your rugs come in all different shapes, sizes, and weaving patterns. That is why our team of professional rug cleaning specialists at KIWI Glendale are specially trained to handle even the most complex of rug cleaning issues, even Glendale Oriental rug cleaning. Glendale Rug Cleaning experts are careful in handling your rugs, never immersing them in tubs of cleansing liquids directly but instead, washing all rugs by hand.

Rug Cleaning With Professional Rug Treatment in Glendale

Our company is committed to excellence in our work and our customer service. KIWI, your rug cleaning services of Glendale, Arizona rug cleaning technicians wash all rugs by hand to prevent colors from migrating, bleeding, and fading. Our rug cleaning process involves seven unique steps. We begin with a pre-wash inspection to check for existing holes, stains, and other damage. Then we dust the rug on both sides carefully, followed by washing your rug by hand using special citrus rug cleaners for your unique rug. After the rug is washed and treated, we remove odors in the rug through an application of a citrus agent. For stronger odors, we offer the Ozone Treatment at an additional cost. After odors are neutralized, we lay the rug out flat to prevent fabric from stretching. Then we dust the rugs again in a step called post detailing. Finally, we check for repairs and any necessary restorations. We repair fringes on the rug and our Master Weaver will provide you with a free quote for additional repair costs if necessary. area rug cleaning by KIWI pro

At KIWI rug cleaning Glendale, we try our best to provide our customers with superior service at affordable prices, carefully examining and cleaning your rug with appropriate cleaners in our seven-step process. Call us now and our KIWI Glendale team will come out to your house right away!

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