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Carpet Repair Fountain Hills, AZ

When it comes time for carpet repair, why not call the professionals at KIWI Fountain Hills Carpet Repair? We know your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we love to show you what magic we can perform on your damaged carpets.

KIWI Backs its Fountain Hills Carpet Repairs with 1-Year Guarantee

When you spend money on carpet repair, you want to know it will last. You can be sure it will with the KIWI Fountain Hills 1-Year Carpet Repairs Guarantee. When you call for your free carpet repair estimate, also be sure to ask us about our KIWI Fountain Hills Carpet Repair Guarantee.

Top Carpet Repair service in Fountain Hills

KIWI’s Experts Handle all your Carpet Repair Needs

No job is too tough for our pros. We’ve detected and solved thousands of carpet repair issues since 1987. That’s a lot of repair problems – and thousands of satisfied carpet repair customers!
Here’s just a partial list of the kinds and types of repairs KIWI’s crew handles:

  1. Ripped seams, exposed seams, missing seams
  2. Bulgy, wavy, ripply carpet
  3. Threshhold carpet areas
  4. Tacking strips that are either rotted, missing or damaged
  5. Snagged, torn or loose carpet
  6. Carpet with burn holes from cigarettes, wax drippings, bleached carpet areas
  7. Carpet that has melted
  8. Stains (often permanent stains) that mar your carpet’s surface: like dyes, rust, other materials
  9. Deep-rooted pet stains and/or odor problems
  10. Carpet that’s been damaged by pets
  11. And more!

Call KIWI’s Fountain Hills Carpet Repair professionals for your own free estimate. Don’t put it off! Call now!

Carpet Repair

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