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Rug Repair Desert Hills, AZ

Desert Hills Rug Repair – The Desert Hills rug weaving and repair team at KIWI includes master weavers, senior rug expert, and fringe experts who work together to repair and restore your fine and area rugs and make them look like new. We know that there are over 64,000 types of weaves that are used in creating fine and imported rugs and our weavers have the experience to restore and repair any of them!

Oriental rugs need expert attention

If your rug is torn, ripped, or if your fringes and bindings need repair, call Kiwi! Our master weavers include Desert Hills Oriental rug weavers who will match fibers and dyes and can restore almost any rug and make it look brand new! If your fringes are tattered, discolored, or the bindings on your rugs are ripped or have snags, our fringe experts can help.

KIWI also offers rug cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Keep your heirloom rugs looking like new with the KIWI Desert Hills rug weaving team! No matter the origin, KIWI can help! And we also do rug repairs on different types of area rugs such as Dhurry and Berber, too! Call us for your next rug weaving and repairing services in Desert Hills, Arizona.

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KIWI rug cleaning

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