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Rug Cleaning Desert Hills, AZ

Desert Hills Rug Cleaning with KIWI means that your precious area and heirloom rugs will be cleaned by knowledgeable, trained professionals, who understand the beauty and importance of fine and Oriental rugs. Here at KIWI, our rug cleaning Desert Hills technicians know that the dyes and fibers that make up every rug are products of hours of hard labor and generations of craftsmanship. We offer every kind of rug cleaning including Desert Hills Oriental rug cleaning. That’s why we never submerge rugs into vats of liquid and take great care in cleaning the fibers to eliminate bleeding of dyes.

When you need professionally cleaned area rug cleaning services, KIWI is the company for you. Our cleaning products will make your oriental rugs cleaner. Our cleaning process and cleaning methods are the best in the industry and we can provide special cleanings for pet odor. Our other services include carpet cleaning, carpet and tile cleaning, and our carpet cleaners offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Oriental rug cleaning by hand

Desert Hills Rug CleaningKIWI cleans all rugs by hand and has expert weavers and binding specialists to make sure that all the rugs are handled and cleaned with the utmost care.Whether you have an inexpensive area rug or a fine imported piece of art, KIWI cleans all rugs with the greatest of care. KIWI offers professional rug cleaning services in Desert Hills, Arizona. Call KIWI now for all of your Desert Hills rug cleaning needs and let our professionals help you maintain the look and feel of your area rugs for years to come.

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