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Rug Repair Carefree, AZ

Carefree Rug Weaving and Repair is a quality service c that KIWI Services is very familiar with. We at KIWI Carefree Rug Weaving understand when you have a rug that has been passed down from generation to generation you want to make sure it receives the best possible care. We understand that concern and that it why we pride ourselves on rug specialists and Carefree Oriental rug weavers that are highly trained in this field.

Carefree rug weaving and repairing service that really works

Rugs come in several shapes, sizes and weaving patterns but even the best rugs do wear and tear with age. The Carefree rug repair team here at KIWI specializes in repairing all types and patterns of rugs; no matter the complexity of the weaving pattern, we are able to do an excellent job on your rug. Complex jobs require complex skills and that is why at KIWI Carefree Rug Weaving and Repair we hire only the best rug repair technicians ensuring premium service that will only leave you completely satisfied.

KIWI also offers rug cleaning for your area rugs or oriental rugs as well as carpet cleaning, repair, and restoration. 

So if you live in Carefree, do pay us a visit today to learn more about our rug repair services. Contact the KIWI rug weaving and repairing services in Carefree, Arizona today!

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