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Rug Cleaning Carefree, AZ

Rug Cleaning Carefree – If you believe your rug is worth something then you must be mindful of how it is washed; most rug cleaners submerge your rug in liquid which may just destroy your rug.

When you need professionally cleaned area rug cleaning services, KIWI is the company for you. Our cleaning products will make your oriental rugs cleaner. Our cleaning process and cleaning methods are the best in the industry and we can provide special cleanings for pet odor. Our other services include carpet cleaning, carpet and tile cleaning, and our carpet cleaners offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

At KIWI Rug Cleaning Carefree we do it the best way, the old fashioned way- we have it washed by hand with our pH balanced citrus rug cleaning fluid. At the rug cleaning services of Carefree, Arizona, your rug is washed in a 7 step process that involves:

Carefree rug cleaning with proven results

  1. Carefree rug cleaning pre-wash inspection: the first step involves the inspection of your rug to help us identify any wear and tears, as well as prior areas of dye bleeding
  2. Dust removal: in the second step, we use our rug cleaning Carefree vacuums to remove loose dirt
  3. Washing and treating: this step involves washing your carpet which rug cleaners specific for your carpet
  4. Odor neutralization: to remove any odors from your rug, we apply the KIWI Citrus Fresh agent which not only leaves your rug with the wonderful citrus aroma but actually kills bacteria responsible for those odors
  5. Dry: long years of experience in the rug cleaning business has shown that drying your rug in very specific positions actually prevents fabric stretching and migration of colors
  6. Post detailing: after your rug is dried, we take time to inspect it and remove any dust and dirt. area rug cleaning by KIWI pro
  7. Repairs and restorations: If your rug revealed any rips, holes or tears during the initial pre-wash inspection by our Carefree Oriental rug cleaning, it is at this point that the repairs are done. Our Master Weaver will provide you with quotes upon repair.
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