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Rug Repair Buckeye, AZ

Looking for a Buckeye rug weaving repair service

KIWI Services are here to take your call.

Our expert Buckeye rug repair team can handle both repair and reweaving work on rugs from many parts of the world including those from oriental weavers.

Buckeye’s Exclusive rug weaving and rug repair methods

The KIWI Buckeye rug weaving and rug repair service utilizes the skills of our own Fringe, Surging and Binding specialist, in addition to our own Senior Rug Expert and our own Master Weaver. This expertise is available to the KIWI rug repair professionals, enabling them to ensure that your rug receives only the very best attention from our Buckeye Oriental rug weavers.

No two rugs are alike. To ensure the best possible repair the same team will handle your rug repair from start to finish.

With over sixty four thousand variations in rug weaves you need the best to take a rug from tattered to looking brand new. Why not call KIWI Buckeye rug weaving professionals.

KIWI also offers rug cleaning for your area rugs or oriental rugs as well as carpet cleaning, repair, and restoration. 

Get a quote now? Our prices are impressive. Contact the KIWI rug weaving and repairing services in Buckeye, Arizona.

KIWI’s Buckhead Rug Repair Reviews

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“KIWI provides excellent services!”

All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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