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Air Duct Cleaning Avondale, AZ

Air Duct Cleaning in Avondale

If anyone in your home has had an usual sniffle or allergies that are aggravated by circulating air, then it might be time for you to schedule an air duct cleaning in Avondale. Kiwi takes the hassle out of duct cleaning for you by removing all the dust, grime, hair, and debris out of your ductwork. Freshen your home by calling Kiwi today!

Avondale air duct cleaning

Air duct debris can be caused by a number of problems. If you can look into your ducts, you might see a bunch of grime that coats the surfaces. Grime can build up any number of ways:

  1. Water or dirt can get inside the ducts from outside, causing mold to grow
  2. Holes in the ducts can allow debris in from outside
  3. Holes can also pull contaminants into the ducts from inside (i.e. dirt, dust or pet hair)

Kiwi Duct cleaning services in Avondale

To be sure your ductwork is cared for properly, give Kiwi a call and schedule an air duct cleaning in Avondale!

We can clean and repair your ducts and make sure they are properly maintained. Plus, every customer that purchases a full-system air duct cleaning will automatically receive our Kiwi Lover Two-Year Guarantee. If you ever see any signs of mold or mildew regrowth within two years, give Kiwi a call and we’ll apply our antimicrobial treatment at no charge to you.

For more information about air duct cleaning in Avondale, call the Phoenix area Kiwi Services Center today to speak with one of our friendly home care consultants!

kiwi’s avondale air duct cleaning reviews

Camillle S. (Avondale, AZ, 85323)
5 star rating
“Excellent job and appreciated all the hard work by our technician Dakota.”

Two Year Air Duct Cleaning Guarantee

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