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Carpet Repair Apache Junction, AZ

Offering the Best in Carpet Repair

Holes or tears in your carpet? Rest assured. At KIWI Apache Junction carpet repair, we take carpet repair seriously and we will help you restore and repair your carpets to your complete satisfaction.

Our customers keep coming back because of our commitment to superior service. Services at KIWI Apache Junction carpet repair include professional carpet repair and carpet stretching and even carpet flood repair.

Green carpet repair In Apache Junction

At KIWI carpet repair services in Apache Junction, Arizona we offer our customers a guarantee of excellent service to provide you with carpet repair that meets your needs until you are satisfied. Our professional cleaning crew offers a multitude of services, ranging from Apache Junction Berber carpet repair, to carpet stretching, patching, fixing water damage, and carpet replacement.

To give you an idea of the work we do, we have listed some examples of the carpet repair issues that we have addressed below:

  • Repair from floods
  • Removing rust
  • Fixing tears and holes in carpets
  • Removing pet stains, bites, scratches, and holes
  • Removing burn stains, marks, and holes
  • Repairs from bleach stains
  • Smoothing out carpets from waves and ruffles
  • Adding threshold parts in rooms
  • Color matching of carpets
  • Affixing carpets that are loose or falling apart

Apache Junction’s carpet repair service by kiwi

Call us today for a free quote on carpet cleaning and repair. We will even come to your house and examine your carpets for free.

Carpet Repair

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