How to Clean an iPhone Screen

After a while, the oleophobic coating on the iPhone wears off and you’re left with smudge city. Sometimes when the smudges are really bad, I write messages on the screen, mostly to motivate myself to clean it off. I have a super easy way to clean the screen that even works if you have a screen protector. The best way and recommended way to clean an iPhone screen is with a soft, microfiber cloth.

Clean an iPhone Screen

Technically yes that is an iPod Touch but close enough to an iPhone. I had to smudge it extra for the best effect to show you how well a microfiber cloth can clean the screen. Simply take the microfiber cloth and thoroughly wipe down the screen. No cleaning solution is need as most can remove the oleophoic coating or etch the screen. If you need a little extra dirt removing power, spritz a little water onto the microfiber cloth.

Clean an Iphone Screen

A microfiber cloth will pick up dirt, oil, and germs with it’s specially designed, star shaped fibers instead of smearing it around. As you can see, a microfiber cloth is very effective in cleaning an iPhone screen, but it won’t help you with scratches.

Cleaning an iPhone Screen

All shiny and clean, ready for new smudges from playing Candy Crush, Angry Birds or Solitaire.

Happy Smudging Cleaning!

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Cleaning a Phone Screen


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6 Responses to The Best Way to Clean an iPhone Screen

  1. Kim Hall says:

    That is good to know! I thought I needed special cleaner. Visiting from Thrifty Thursday!

    • Nope, just good old microfiber. I love the microfiber because it makes my windows and mirrors smudge free too.
      Thanks for visiting Kim!

      • Dena Cottrell says:

        Hi Angela, when cleaning bathroom mirrors do you remove the toothpaste splatter first with a cleaner and then get rid of the smudges with microfiber cloth? I’ve got 2 youngsters who aren’t great at making the actual sink and the mirror is constantly coated.

        • Angela says:

          I use a regular commercial cleaner to on my mirrors with the microfiber cloth folded in half twice. Once the cleaner is wiped off with one side of the microfiber, I use another dry side to tackle any left over streaks and non-stubborn smudges.

  2. My phone is smudge city right now–I need to find a microfiber cloth right away! Thanks for sharing this great tip!

  3. Ingrid from Holland says:

    The microfibe cloth without any cleaner also works great for your television or computer screen. It just takes some strong wiping, but meanwhile you train your biceps 😉

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