Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips
Don’t you wish you could keep your carpets factory-fresh?

Although I wish I could prevent all the chocolate, mud, wine, and juice spills that happen on the carpet, that’s just never going to happen. If you have kids, pets, or are just as clumsy as I am, spills are inevitably going to happen.

And while I do recommend that you get your carpets cleaned every few months or so, it’s important to have a few tips and tricks in the back of your sleeve in between carpet cleaning visits.

Ice Ice Baby: Whenever your carpet has gum or candle wax stains, apply a piece of ice over the stain and let it work its magic. Once it has solidified, just gently peel.

Carpet Care Tips

Don’t Want No Scrubs: Don’t scrub or rub your carpet when it’s been stained. Gently dab at it and call a professional carpet cleaning company to clean up quickly.

Degreased is the Word: When your stain is oil-based, try mixing a few drops of waters with a degreaser such as dish washing liquid.

Keep Your Feet Off the Floor: After a carpet cleaning, try to keep your feet and furniture off the floor for at least an hour, to ensure that you don’t track anything in.

Removing Carpet Stains

Make it Quick: When you notice a stain on the carpet, take action immediately! Don’t watch it soak into the floor (like most of us tend to do.)

Be a Vacuuming Fool: The best way to keep your carpets beautiful and sparkling clean is to vacuum high traffic areas twice a week.

Do you have any carpet cleaning tips? I would love to hear some of them in the comments below!

12 Responses to Carpet Cleaning Tips For Everyday Use

  1. Rosie says:

    Love this site, thanks for all the tips.
    I have 4 dogs and so my carpet is their play ground.
    I vacuum almost every day because of the dog hair.
    However, I have one that like to pee. I clean it up with commercial product but it still stains. Any suggestions??
    I clean my own carpets about once a month because these dogs are in and out of the house all the time.
    No I will not leave them outside, they are my children…. Thanks for your time…

    • Angela says:

      I don’t blame you for not kicking your furry children outside, I have some that always find their way back in. 🙂 It sounds like to me that you may have some deeper pet stains (a stain that resides in the carpet padding or below) and I would have a professional check it out if this tip doesn’t work. Saturate the pet stain in vinegar then coat the area in baking soda. Let the baking soda soak up the vinegar and dry (8-24 hours). Put a plate over the area so it won’t be disturbed. Once the area is dry simply vacuum up the baking soda. I have photo instructions in this post.

      I hope this works for you!

  2. Bella Core says:

    Prevention is always better than cure. Take care of your carpet or rug – i.e. don’t wear shoes indoors, vacuum regularly and remove any stains immediately, if at all possible. If you do need to wear shoes indoors, invest in some good doormats – a heavy one outside the door to get rid of most of the dirt and grime off the bottom of your shoes and a lighter one inside your door to get any little specks of dirt left behind. Don’t forget this is not just for the front door. Any door leading outside can bring the dirt in.

  3. Deanna R. Jones says:

    These seem like great tips to help me have a cleaner carpet. My kids like to chew gum in the house, so sometimes it ends up in my carpet. Usually, I have trouble getting it out, but the tip for getting gum out of carpet should help make it easier to clean it out. I’ll take your advice and use ice to make peeling out gum a lot easier.

  4. Sarah Anderson says:

    I didn’t know that freezing something like wax stuck in a carpet could make it easier to clean. To bad I didn’t know about this before I replaced my entire carpet to get rid of spots left behind from my sisters candles. If we ever end up living together again, I’ll have to keep this in mind.

  5. Petunia Evans says:

    I had no idea that scrubbing my carpet would make the stain worse. I’ll be sure now to only dab up the stains now. I also appreciated your tips with using dish soap to help with oil based stains. I feel that my carpets will look so much nicer with me knowing these tips. Thank you!

  6. Derick says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips Angela. I always appreciate seeing other carpet cleaning companies sharing tips that go beyond trying to just sale services. Good on you!

    I especially like your ice tip. Things like gum and taffy can always be pesky, so beyond preventing the problem in the first place, carefully removing it by freezing it can be very effective.

    Bella’s prevention comment is still my favorite though. “An ounce of prevention…” will always be the best advice any carpet cleaner can give.

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for sharing the post with us. These tips are very easy to use in homes. The reality is a lot of home found ingredients clean just as good as commercial cleaners.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Thank you for this post. I just bought a steam vac but I didn’t buy their cleaning solution because I am sure it is full of the usual synthetic junk. I did a search for natural alternatives to be used for carpet cleaning and your post came up. Thanks for the good ideas!

  9. Margarito says:

    Thank you for the tips! I’m always dropping crumbs on the floor, especially chocolate. I strongly recommend everyone to get professional services at least once every month!

  10. Kent says:

    Great recommendations! I enjoyed reading this. We have a lot family get-togethers and always have stains popping up from those. I am glad I came across this. We always recommend getting carpets cleaned regularly.

  11. Nate says:

    Thank you for such a great post, lost of helpful information! I will use these cleaning tips at my home and office.Nate

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