The fact that we touch hundreds of things everyday means we have quite a few things that we ought to disinfect. I was putting on my makeup this morning, like I do every morning, except for hobo days, and it suddenly occurred to me that I have never disinfected my makeup bottles once. Not ever. Then I stopped thinking because then I become a little germaphobic and can’t touch things until I forget. So here’s a list of 30 things you forget to clean with some of the normal ones and a few that will make you think twice. You’re welcome. 🙂

  1. Furniture
  2. Knobs
  3. Handles
  4. Buttons
  5. Electronics
  6. Pillows
  7. Laundry bags, liners
  8. Retainers
  9. Contact cases/glasses case
  10. Tooth brushes
  11. Bath mats
  12. Headphones
  13. Keys
  14. TV remote
  15. Water bottle
  16. Gym bag
  17. Kitchen sponges/rags
  18. Blankets
  19. Rugs
  20. Faucets
  21. Toys
  22. Makeup brushes
  23. Tweezers
  24. Pens
  25. Gaming remotes
  26. Cleaning tools
  27. Carpets
  28. Make up bottles
  29. Pill bottles
  30. Purses

Happy Cleaning!

Does this post kind of make you want to have glow paint on your fingers so you can see every hing you’ve touched in one day?


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14 Responses to 30 Germy Things You Forget to Clean

  1. GurvyGreen says:

    Angela, I was afraid to open this post up for fear of exactly that “glow paint fingers”. I find my cell phone cover to be the germiest as we put our phone down everywhere! Who know what was sitting there before we decided to put our phone down. Thanks for the reminders on what we don’t look at daily, have a wonderful less germy weekend 🙂

    • I watched a special on how effective hand sanitizer is and after that I could touch many public things for a while. Ps the hand sanitizer is effective but it really made me think how many things we touch each day. I hope you have a less germy weekend too. 🙂

  2. Gentle Joy says:

    Great list – I like the idea of glow paint also………I’m sure it would be eye opening in our house w/ a large family……… Thank you for the post………

    • You’re welcome! With a large family I think it would also be interesting if every family member had a different color so you could see who is causing the most trouble. 😉

  3. gah! oh man, now I want to sanitize everything, lol.

  4. People think I am nuts wiping things down with anti bacterial wipes like….keys!!! Oh yuck. Keys get so nasty and no one thinks about that. I cringe when I see someone scratch their ears with keys. Oh retainers, yech! Nothing else needs to be said. Hehehe These are great pointers!

    • I cringed just thinking about people and their ears and keys. While I do most of my cleaning with water and soap, I do love the antibacterial wipes for this type of cleaning. Thanks for stopping by Heather!

  5. Electronics are definitely the things in our house that get forgotten … yuk!

  6. marie says:

    Argggh! SO much to think about cleaning!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

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