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The Carpet Cleaner With A One-Year Warranty

Kiwi carpet cleaning services come with a year of unlimited return visits with the famous Kiwi Lover One-Year Warranty! Other cleaning companies that you may be considering just cannot match our warranty or our highly competitive prices. Our Dallas customers have been taking advantage of this offer for 30 years, and now we are offering this same unparalleled service to Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Austin and Denver. Our warranty is yours when you become a Kiwi customer! Just call Kiwi Services in your city to get today’s special, and don’t forget to inquire about air duct cleaning, rug cleaning or any of our other services. Kiwi also offers restoration services. If you ever have water damage or a flood emergency, we’re always available 24/7 for immediate dispatch.

All Stains Are Included In The Price Carpet Cleaning- water damage- air duct cleaning

All of our initial carpet cleanings have six steps, which include: vacuuming, moving furniture, a cleaning with our all-natural carpet cleaner, grooming, our Kiwi Lover One-Year Warranty and stain pre-treatments. Unlike steam cleaning, our cleanings dry in as little as 15 minutes!

Before choosing a company to clean your rugs or carpets, compare Kiwi’s services with those of our competitors. We give your carpets a far more thorough cleaning for the money, because we want you to become a happy Kiwi customer!

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Shawn. (Houston, TX)
5 star rating
“Kiwi has always provided great service and is very flexible with the scheduling, they are always able to come within a day or so of me calling. Kiwi is back again, they were even able to come the same day I called, excellent customer service!”

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Jayme S. (Houston, TX)
5 star rating
“I have been a Kiwi customer for many years. What I appreciate most are the year long warranty visits that are so reasonably priced. It allows me to clean my carpets every other month and keep them in tip-top shape. Kiwi keeps all my information on file, and when I call to book a cleaning they know immediately who I am and what services I’ve requested in the past. I especially enjoy my newest customer care consultant…. Jeff. He’s the best.”

Steven B. (Atlanta, GA)
5 star rating
“Our family has been long time customers of Kiwi Carpet Cleaning because we know that we can count on them to come to our home and do a great job on our floors. The technicians are always very professional, and we never feel like it’s a rush to get done with our home so they can move on to the next job. And the best part about Kiwi is the fresh lime/citrus scent that lingers through our home once the carpet is clean. We wouldn’t choose another company to clean our carpet as long as Kiwi is around!”

Sheri M. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
“I love the warranty! It is one of the main reasons I use Kiwi, that and the fact that y’all always do such an awesome job.”

Anonymous (Austin, TX)
5 star rating
“I’ve had Kiwi services out to my house several times, for duct cleaning and carpets and furniture cleaning, they always do a great job and are very friendly and patient when hearing what is needed and wanted. They offer a variety of options to suit the client’s needs and budget. The work is done quickly but properly. I ask for Guillermo (“Gil”) here in Austin and he’s always ready and friendly. The only issue– if it can be called an issue– is that they usually arrive a few minutes EARLY! They have never been late to my house.”

carpet cleaning equipment

Water Damage Restoration: A Top Priority

Water damage restoration services have been available through Kiwi since 1987. In 2008, we assisted Houston and Galveston with water damage repair in the wake of Hurricane Ike. Families had been hit hard and were in need of serious professional flood damage repair, making Houston customers our top priority. We take water damage restoration seriously and are licensed to provide mold removal.

Green carpet cleaning

Our all-natural “green” carpet cleaner provides our customers with the best cleaning results without the toxins often found in steam cleaning products. Composed entirely of natural materials, this eco-friendly solution is biodegradable and can be rinsed simply with water. Our cleaner is free of any nonylphenol surfactants, ozone-depleting chemicals and hazardous air pollutants, as well as any carcinogens and reproductive toxins. Our green carpet cleaning solution follows the guidelines set by the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, specifically following proposition 65, which addresses ingredients and materials that could be toxic to humans. Our cleaning solution is free of any carcinogens that are recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States, the National Toxicology Program and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. With a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating by the American Food & Drug Administration, our cleaner is safe for use near food items. Kiwi Services takes the time to ensure the safety and quality of our products and services. We’re leading the way for a healthier, greener and cleaner home.

Our Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet and rug Cleaning

Kiwi Services uses the dry cleaning method to give your home a fresh, clean and gorgeous glow. Our Kiwi technicians are highly skilled and trained to clean your carpets in this method using these specific steps. First, we apply a light mist of general carpet cleaner onto a soiled area. Adding a small amount of our custom liquid solution helps to break up embedded particulates. Next, our micro-absorbent bonnets spin over the area in a process called emulsification, which is the suspension of foreign particulates in a liquid. After we have emulsified the fibers with an application of our general carpet cleaner, we then use a circular motion to “wick-up” any dirt in the carpet with a clean bonnet. This agitates the thousands of individual carpet fibers, which in turn removes dirt and foreign particulates that are embedded in the carpet. As the bonnet is spinning, there are two key events taking place: agitation and extraction. Emulsified soils and particulates are then absorbed by a clean bonnet traveling at almost five feet per second! Unlike steam cleaning, carpets dry in less than 15 minutes using this dry carpet cleaning method. For perfectly cleaned carpets and greatly reduced drying time, trust the professionals at Kiwi.

Take Advantage of 12 Months of Unlimited Return Visits

Maintaining clean carpets is essential for a healthy and beautiful home. Having your carpets cleaned professionally can be expensive, but not with Kiwi, thanks to the Kiwi Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty. After your initial cleaning of $120 or more, you will receive a warranty certificate. With the warranty, you can get your carpets re-cleaned as many times as you like for just $7 per room (plus a small trip charge). If you are having a party and you want your carpets cleaned for your home to look its best, just call! Or use the warranty when you spill a bowl of spaghetti, a glass of red wine or when the dogs track in mud. You have a professional carpet cleaner at your fingertips whenever you desire. Just call or chat with us online to schedule service. With our warranty you don’t ever need to worry about how your carpet looks, because the carpet cleaning professionals at Kiwi will keep them looking their best!

1-Year Unlimited Carpet Cleaning Warranty

Competitive prices

With Kiwi’s One-Year Warranty, we are able to offer competitive prices that allow you to have your carpets cleaned multiple times a year.

“It was wonderful! I used to use this one person for years then I went to Stanley Steamer. One day I went online and looked up carpet cleaning and that is how I found Kiwi. I am so pleased. You have no idea. My daughter lives with me and she has two little dogs. He did many things to the carpet I have never seen before. I mean, my carpets look brand new. You have to give him a raise because he is definitely worth it. Ralph is professional and he is a pleasant person. These young people just do not work like some of the older generations. I have already recommended Ralph to my friends and they will be calling. Please make sure he gets high points for an exceptional service.”  Liz W.

“Our technician did a good job, best I have ever had. I will definitely request him in the future.” Frances A.

“I am so glad that you came. I was going to phone in to compliment how wonderful Jorge is. He did such a fabulous job and he really took his time. He listened to what I had to say and really attacked the areas that I was not happy with. What a fantastic job he did on my carpets. It is the best service I have had and could not be more pleased. I even wrote down his name for my next visit because I want him to come back. Please make sure he gets credit for the wonderful service he did at my home.” Shelly P.

“He got the stains out and my carpet is much cleaner now. I am very pleased” Vernita H.

“He was a very nice guy & did a good job. An excellent job actually. Better than I expected on the water stains.” Sarah B.

“Robert came and a gentleman by the name of Tim were here to fix my home after it was flooded. They were both very charming and wonderful. They had to move a bunch of stuff from under the beds and move furniture around. I am happy with the water damage repair results.”  Sarah M.

“Arnold Salas came to my home in Austin yesterday and cleaned my carpets. He did a very nice job. He is a great representative of your company. I will be referring you to all my friends and neighbors. I even bought a bottle of your spot cleaner and it worked so well on the areas that I did not have cleaned. I thought it was expensive, but you know? It works better than anything I have ever tried in the past. That is so worth it!” Nathan H.

“I do not know Susan, I have never met her before in my life but I want to commend her for such an exceptional customer service. I will be using Kiwi because of her. My wife and I are expecting a baby and we are getting the room cleaned and ready. She told me that Kiwi does not use chemicals it is non allergenic and safe for the babies. I even told her we were going to paint the babies room in our conversation. Susan even called to tell me there is a non-toxic paint we can buy so it is safe for our baby. How thoughtful and considerate she is thinking of people she hardly knows. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and how kind she is.” Andrew J.

Kiwi Services gives you 12 months of unlimited cleaning visits because we want to be your carpet cleaner of choice!

The Kiwi Family

Choosing the best carpet cleaning service for your personal needs is never easy. Did you know in each major city there are literally hundreds of carpet cleaners? It’s hard to know who to trust with your carpet when you have so many choices. At Kiwi, every technician is part of the Kiwi Family, undergoing a thorough background check, full training, certification and in-home apprenticeship. We work hard to be the very best cleaning services for you and your home.

Carpet Cleaning -Water Damage – Duct Cleaning

Kiwi carpet cleaning services in your city

Carpet Cleaning Service

Dallas, TX: 214-379-4854
Houston, TX: 713-595-0456
Phoenix, AZ: 602-419-3599
Atlanta, GA: 470-375-9708
Austin, TX: 512-381-3423
Ft Worth, TX: 817-585-5984
Denver, CO: 720-943-2953

Berber Carpets Are Our Specialty!

Kiwi has almost 30 years of knowledge and experience in the cleaning and restoration of Berber carpet. Our all-natural cleaning solution is gentle enough for this specialized carpet type, yet strong enough to get out the toughest stains. Our all-natural, quick-drying carpet cleaner is the perfect cleaning agent for Berber. Here at Kiwi, we know that you need an expert who has cleaned, repaired and restored thousands of Berber carpets. Call Kiwi today to schedule a Berber carpet cleaning. It dries in as little as 15 minutes and comes with the famous Kiwi lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What carpet cleaning method is best?
There are five main carpet cleaning methods, but we believe that Kiwi’s bonnet method is the best of them. Kiwi began cleaning carpets by visiting homes that had just had a steam cleaning. After our method was applied, our big white absorbent bonnets turned black! So we recommend bonnet cleaning and specifically, Kiwi’s Bonnet Cleaning with our custom-blended citrus fresh solution.

How long do carpets take to dry after cleaning?
In most cases it should take no more than 15 to 45 minutes for your carpet to dry after a thorough cleaning. Using minimal amounts of water in our cleaner and not oversaturating the carpet is why this works so well. We believe that it is not necessary to flood your flooring to clean it.

Do I need to move my furniture before the technician arrives?
You do not have to move your own furniture on the initial carpet cleaning visit. Kiwi will move your furniture and vacuum prior to the actual cleaning. However, on warranty visits you will need to move your furniture and vacuum, because we just clean the exposed carpeted areas during warranty cleanings.

Is your carpet cleaning solution safe for pets and children?
Yes. We use an environmentally friendly, green cleaning solution that is safe for the entire family. We have an entire page dedicated to our Kiwi carpet cleaner and its benefits.

Will Kiwi carpet cleaning remove dog hair or cat hair?
Yes, the Kiwi cleaning method removes dog and cat hair and does a wonderful job of removing surface pet stains as well. For deeper pet stain issues, including odors and pad staining, your Kiwi Technician can walk you through three phases of treatment. Should you have to go through more than one stage of treatment, you are credited back the money spent on any previous treatments until the right solution is found! We can also remove dog and cat hair and odors from rugs!

I have Berber carpet – can you clean this?
Yes! Many of our customers have Berber carpet. Berber carpet tends to be more expensive than Nylon, Olefin, Polyester and Wool and a bit more challenging when cleaning because the fibers are so tightly wound. Kiwi’s cleaning method is very effective on Berber carpet.

My home is three stories tall, do you charge extra to work on the 2nd or 3rd floor?
No. We simply ask you to name the areas you would like to have cleaned (ex. Living Room, Hall, Entry, Bedroom, Walk-in Closet, etc.). Our equipment is portable, so there are no hoses stretching from a truck outside that could damage your lawn or home. We’ll work from top to bottom, cleaning towards the front door to avoid tracking over areas we have already cleaned.

I understand that Kiwi Services also does air duct cleaning. I have vaulted ceilings and some of my vents are 15 feet off of the floor. Is reaching these vents a problem?
No, not a problem. When setting up your air duct cleaning appointment, let your representative know about that you have high ceilings and vents higher than 8 feet. We will bring an extension ladder to reach higher vents.

How often should I clean my carpet?
With your Kiwi Warranty, you can clean your carpets as often as you’d like. That’s what we’re here for! For just $7 per room, we come back to clean all the exposed carpeted areas with the same great carpet cleaning treatment. We also sell Kiwi Super Spotter Spray, which is perfect for between-carpet cleaning touch ups.

When I purchased my carpet there was a protectant on it. How long does it usually last? How often should I have it reapplied?
While most carpets are sold with a protectant present, it does not last forever. Everyday wear and tear, such as foot traffic, and successive carpet cleanings break down this protective barrier. Kiwi Services is proud to offer DuPont™ Teflon® protection. While DuPont™ recommends that it be reapplied with each carpet cleaning, we have found that our method is gentle enough that it could last more than one cleaning. You will need to judge by your lifestyle, number of people and animals in the home. It’s really just what works best for you.

When I have an appointment with the cable company they make me wait all day. What can I expect as far as arrival time?
You won’t be waiting all day because Kiwi provides a two-hour arrival time, not four, six, or eight hours like other services. Your technician will be scheduled to arrive during that specific arrival window. If our technician has extra work to do or experiences a traffic issue, we will call you and keep you informed.

Are you highly rated among carpet cleaning companies?
Are we ever! We were selected by D Home Magazine as the 2006 top Green Dallas Carpet Cleaning Company. We have many customer recommendations and referrals in and around Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin or Phoenix. We love our customer recommendations!

I love your Kiwi mailers, but I have no carpet in my home. My floors are all tile and wood floors, how can Kiwi help me?
No problem, ceramic tile and grout cleaning is one of our specialties. We don’t stop there, though, because we also clean hardwood floors, polyurethane coated floors, linoleum, and vinyl floors. Most people who do not have carpet have area rugs and oriental rugs, so we provide rug cleaning as well. And because wood flooring has its own unique needs, we also provide flood and water damage restoration specifically for wood floors. Don’t let water on the wood floor become wood floor water damage.

Does carpet ever get so worn that it just can’t look clean anymore?
Sometimes carpet, especially traffic areas, can become so worn that carpet fibers tear apart, lose their protective coating and pick up dirt or stains that are unable to look clean. These are often referred to as heavily soiled traffic areas. Your Kiwi technician will let you know if a carpeted area has fibers that have become damaged to the point of replacement.

I am not certain whether to clean my carpet or replace it. Does your company repair carpets?
Yes, we sure do. Our crews can assess your situation and recommend a solution to meet your needs and/or budget. Whether you have water damage and need pad replacement or need the carpet re-stretched because it is buckling, we can do it. We will provide a free estimate for the work required and be prepared to handle it that day in most cases. Call us for a no-obligation estimate.

Do you offer professional rug cleaning and repairs?
We have offered rug cleaning for almost 30 years. We clean and repair several different rug types. Our dry rug cleaning process is safe for all styles of rugs and we do not submerge your rugs in vats of harsh chemicals. Our repair specialists are some of the best you’ll find. We can quote rug cleaning over the phone. However, rug repairs need to be inspected at our service center.

Will replacing Kiwi-warrantied carpet affect my warranty?
It does not. Kiwi’s warranty program allows for carpet replacement. If it was under warranty before the carpet repairs or replacement, it is still covered. We can also help you protect the new carpet with Teflon® protection by DuPont™.

If I hire Kiwi, what does the fragrance smell like? I hate steam cleaning.
So do we. Our dry carpet cleaning method includes our pH balanced citrus-fresh carpet solution. It is light, sweet and citrusy. You will love it compared to steam cleaning, which can make carpets smell musty and old. Some customers refer to steam as having a wet dog smell. Not with Kiwi! Our solution is so light, yet pleasant and most people can’t tell it’s from a carpet cleaning. Get a cleaning the morning of a party or a few hours before the big ball game. Your home will smell fabulous! Our rug cleaning techniques also leave a wonderful citrus smell!

When you come out to service my home, do I need to leave?
No, that’s not necessary. Our cleaning process involves a light, even misting with our citrus-fresh cleaner. This product is pH-balanced, containing no harsh chemicals, so there are no strong fumes to be aired out. Because we are not leaving your floors soggy and wet, you can continue with everyday life while we are there. With a speedy dry time and a light fresh citrus fragrance, you have nothing to worry about. In most cases, when we provide water damage restoration, our clients are also able to stay in the home.

Is Kiwi Carpet Cleaners in Dallas a franchise?
No. Kiwi is company-owned. None of our technicians are part of a franchise. However, Kiwi Services is about to start offering carpet cleaning franchises in select cities throughout the nation!

Do you have a referral program?
We have a wonderful Kiwi Lover Referral Program that allows customers to either get one free room of carpet cleaning, DuPont™ Teflon® applied to two rooms, or a waived trip charge on their next warranty service. Your friend does not have to have a carpet cleaning. They can get any home service from air duct cleaning to an oriental rug repair.

Do you provide services in unfavorable weather conditions?
Certainly. One of the most important services we provide is water damage restoration. We provide emergency response 24/7, rain or shine. Because every minute counts we are always prepared to assist you when your health and home are threatened by water damage.

Where can I find Kiwi Services’ privacy policy?
You can access our privacy policy online at any time.

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Carpet Cleaning By Kiwi Services

Dallas, TX: 214-379-4854
Houston, TX: 713-595-0456
Phoenix, AZ: 602-419-3599
Atlanta, GA: 470-375-9708
Austin, TX: 512-381-3423
Fort Worth, TX: 817-585-5984
Denver, CO: 720-943-2953

Baltimore, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Little Rock, Washington D.C.

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