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Wood Floor Water Damage

Wood floors water damage is one of the most devastating and costly repairs faced by many homeowners. Fortunately, much of the damage can be mitigated during the early stages of the problem if you understand how to respond when a flood takes water damaged wood floors place. Whether water damage is due to rising storm waters or a broken pipe in the home.

Water damaged wood floors action plan

  1. Call professional wood floors water extraction and drying service immediately. Costly water damage can begin soon after. The sooner water extraction and drying begins the less overall damage will take place. Less damage means less loss and less loss means less cost, overall. Search for a water extraction and restoration company that provides 24 hour service. Minutes count so don’t delay.
  2. Wood floor water damage can be deceptive! Just because you have wood floors don’t assume you can mop out the water and the problem is gone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hardwood floor water damage can take time to show up so while you delay, further damage is taking place. Remember, wood floors absorb water as well as bacteria and other harmful disease causing agents so it is necessary to completely extract all water then dry and treat appropriately.
  3. Insist upon an experienced wood floors drying company Certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. It is also a good idea to find a company that provides a full one year guarantee with a reputable name you can trust like Kiwi Water Damage And Restoration Services

Hardwood Floors Water Damage drying

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