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Carpet Cleaning Services in Phoenix AZ

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Is just $4 Per Room!

With Kiwi Services, a Phoenix carpet cleaning is just $4 per room all year with the famous Kiwi Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty. Since Kiwi's beginning in 1987, we've had the same goal: to provide affordable, beautiful carpet cleanings for our customers. Keep your carpets fresh all year with Kiwi!

A One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty in Phoenix

When you schedule your initial carpet cleaning in Phoenix, we will move your furniture, vacuum, use our Kiwi Super Spotter for the pre-treatment of stains, clean your carpets, groom your carpets, and give you a certificate for the Kiwi Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty!

Our Phoenix customers love Kiwi's famous One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty because it's never been so affordable to clean your carpets! All you have to do is purchase an initial cleaning of $88 or more and you will automatically receive the warranty. Under the warranty, unlimited warranty carpet cleanings are just $4 per room, plus a small trip charge for an entire year! All we ask is that you vacuum and move furniture before we arrive, and we promise to keep your carpets fluffy and fresh all year.

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Review

Rick A. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
"A refreshing business experience to say the least. They want my business and truly work to retain it. The carpets get cleaned and my wallet does not get emptied. So happy I found them."

Elaine K. (Phoenix, AZ)
5 star rating
"Used Kiwi services for 8+ years now because of great service & price. Technicians are always very friendly and professional. Hours of service are great as well."

Afford the EPA Recommendations with Our Warranty

Scheduling regular carpet cleanings is important for the health and safety of your home. The EPA suggests the frequency of carpet cleanings based on the number of people living in the household, the amount of humidity in your area, carpet cleaning specials Phoenix Carpet Cleaning is 40% Off at Kiwi or whether or not your home has smokers or pets. The EPA recommends monthly carpet cleanings if there is evidence of any environmental contamination.

Regular carpet cleanings can also help protect against dust mites or any contamination that your pets may cause or bring into your home. Carpet cleaning is an essential part of regular home maintenance and Kiwi makes it possible for you to afford the EPA recommendations, thanks to our one-year warranty.

A Green Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

Carpets dry in as little as 15 minutes after a carpet cleaning by Kiwi Services. We promise that you'll never have to tiptoe on soggy carpets or smell that musty, heavy smell from steam cleaning again. Our citrusy-fresh carpet cleaning solution is made of 100% all-natural ingredients and is safe for the use around kids and pets. Kiwi's carpet cleaner is biodegradable, water soluble, and environmentally-friendly.

Kiwi's Dry carpet Cleaning Method

The dry carpet cleaning method with the use of a
super-absorbent bonnet is quick-drying and more effective than steam cleaning. When our micro-absorbent bonnets clean carpets that have just been steam cleaned, our white, absorbent bonnets often turn dirty and black! The dry carpet cleaning method is one of five CRI-certified carpet cleaning methods.

Our 100% Cotton Bonnets Are Highly Absorbent

The best feature of dry carpet cleaning is that you can schedule a cleaning the same day as your party or the ball game, and you'll be ready for guests. Your carpets will be fluffy and clean and ready to walk on in as little as 15 minutes.

And for more serious stains or odors, we also offer a more extensive carpet treatment that is often used on pet damaged areas. Our three-step treatment is guaranteed to eliminate the tougher stains and odors in your home, getting it back to its freshest state.

The Phoenix Carpet cleaning Process

Our Kiwi technicians are highly-skilled and trained in all areas of carpet cleaning and work hard to get your home back to beautiful. When your technician cleans your carpets, he or she will use our 100% cotton bonnets and rotary carpet cleaner to gently extract the soil from the fibers. This process is known as emulsification. The soil is trapped in the cleaning solution and is absorbed by our super absorbent bonnets.

Although carpet cleaning is what we're known for, we offer so much more!

 Carpet Cleaning Warranty

Most new carpets are manufactured today with a protective coating on the fibers. That sealant protects the carpet fibers from spills and makes cleaning easier. Over time, the factory-applied sealant wears off, especially in high-traffic areas. Kiwi can reapply sealant to protect your carpet investment.

Your Kiwi technicians are also trained in rug and carpet repair. We can repair all types of carpet, including Berbers, pile, and woven carpets. We also offer carpet seaming and re-stretching in our carpet repair services.

Have you had water damage or a flood in your home? Our Kiwi water damage repair crew is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer water damage repair for your carpets and your whole home in your time of need.

How do I know if Kiwi Services in Phoenix is the Right Carpet Cleaner for Me?

So how are we different from other carpet cleaning companies? Our extremely effective, quick-drying carpet cleaning services set us apart.

We've also been family-owned and operated since our opening in 1987. Kiwi is not a franchise. We're also not a small, one-truck operation. All of our technicians must pass a thorough background check. Each one goes through a home apprentice program and must meet specific requirements for certification.

We've gotten a great reputation over the past 27 years. We work hard to be the company that you choose for all of your home care services.

Ready to be a Kiwi Lover? Refer us to your family and your friends. To thank you for your referrals we'll give you a great deal! Here's how our Kiwi referral program works: refer a friend for any of the home care services that Kiwi offers and to say thank you, you'll receive your choice between two rooms of DuPont™ Teflon® protectant, a waived trip-charge, or a free carpet cleaning in a room!

You can be a Kiwi Lover too! Call Kiwi Services today to schedule a carpet cleaning in Phoenix!

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