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Houston Mold Removal and Remediation

A Mold Strain As Seen Under a MicroscopeHouston mold removal services have been in high demand especially after the recent storm surge and other water damage caused by hurricane Ike. Unfortunately, many homeowners may need mold removal services and not even realize it; everything from broken pipes to a leaking roof can cause mold to grow in hard to locate places. Frequently missed areas of the home that may require mold removal include:

Mold Remediation Can Help Air Quality

Of course, there are many other areas of the home where it’s easy to see the need for mold cleanup including kitchen, bathrooms and basements and other areas of high humidity. In fact, many homeowners are surprised to find how easy it is to keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean once they have professional mold removal performed.

Mold Cleanup Requires Source Removal

Mold On Wall Needed To Be RemovedIt’s not their imagination! Mold is able to survive and spread even in very harsh conditions making it tougher and tougher to keep rooms with high humidity clean. Instead of spending your time scrubbing grout lines and bathroom tiles, call Kiwi to learn how our mold removal services will help make light work of your future cleaning needs by treating the source of your mold problem not just spreading it around.

If You Have a Mold Problem, You Need the Licensed Houston Mold Removal Professionals

Houston residents in need of storm related mold removal and remediation services will be happy to learn that Kiwi is fully licensed and able to work closely with your insurance provider to make sure all work is performed to the highest standards. Protect your health and property with one quick call to Kiwi of Houston for all of your mold removal needs. Our professional and courteous staff can assist in mold removal, remediation and other related needs with just one call. Kiwi mold removal specialists are certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration to provide water damage repairs. We are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services to provide professional mold remediation services. Please view our current mold remediation license and the Texas Department Of State Health Services Roster.

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