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Upholstery Cleaning using gentle and effective cleaners for your upholstery Upholstery Cleaning Service

An upholstery cleaning can add years of life to your furniture by bringing back the original coloring and removing dirt or harsh particles that cause fiber damage.

We have gentle, effective furniture cleaning agents for just about any material, including synthetic fabrics, cotton and cotton blends, Haitian cotton, velvet, velour, and leather. We even dry-clean finer fabrics and can clean most upholstery right in your home!

No one loves your furniture the way you do. Here at Kiwi, we understand how long it took you to pick out your sofa, or how attached you are to your leather recliner. We want to help you extend the life of your furniture, and keep it beautiful for a long time to come. That's why we don’t just clean surface stains. We clean deep down below the surface to wash away harsh, damage-causing particles. Left alone, those particles would rub their rough edges against the delicate fabric, cutting and damaging it.

To eliminate these damaging particles, Kiwi uses a specially-formulated upholstery cleaning solution and gentle, but effective cleaning equipment to lift dirt and break up stains. Then, we wash all of the debris away from your upholstery.

Invest in a long life for your furniture. Call Kiwi Services to schedule an upholstery cleaning today!

Upholstery cleaning customers have a lot to say about the Kiwi Team!

"The tech, Daryle, did a great job, thank you for sending him." Monica S.

"I have never had an experience like this cleaning. He went above and beyond in trying to please me, he was very mannerable." Jill B.

"Willie did a great job on the upholstery cleaning. We have a two-year-old who decided to write with a black sharpie pen all over the sofa. I couldn't believe it! He got it all up. I was so surprised! Very pleased, great job." Heather F.

"Your service was excellent and my technician was great! He answered all my questions and did a great job on the upholstery and my carpets. I am very, very happy! Iva T.

"Kevin did an excellent job; I am very satisfied with my cleaning. I now feel nice and clean for the holidays. Every time I have you out here I am always very happy." Kelly B.