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Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth, TX

Yes Fort Worth and Mid Cities! You too can afford to get as many carpet cleanings as many times as you like! After your initial carpet cleaning, Our Fort Worth Carpet Cleaners will hand you a certificate entitling to all the carpet cleaning you like for a whole year for just $4 per room! Click here for carpet cleaning warranty details.

Call Kiwi carpet Cleaners For details 817-585-5957 right now and get today's Internet Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning Special, it comes with our Famous One-Year Warranty:Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning Warranty - Get 40% Off With Kiwi

Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning with a
One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty

Fort Worth residents appreciate the value of professionally cleaned carpets, by a top-notch Fort Worth carpet cleaning service. Kiwi's Fort Worth Carpet Cleaners professionals provide the Best in trouble-free, satisfaction-guaranteed service.

Just to be sure, we back all our Fort Worth carpet cleaning with Kiwi's unbeatable One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty!

Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Kathy G. (Fort Worth, TX)
5 star rating
"KIWI cleaning was excellent and it made my room smell so fresh. The cleaning of the carpet and sofa was better than I thought it would have been. I will be using KIWI again."

Reanna S. (Fort Worth, TX)
5 star rating
"I love Kiwi Services, they have been a life saver:) My carpet has never looked clean and fresh before until I started using KIWI. Thank you Arletta you and your side kick are amazing workers. My carpet always looks great and smells fresh.. I recommend Kiwi to everyone :)"

Kiwi Fort Worth Texas Carpet Cleaning Review

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning Service In Fort Worth

Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning Reviews We have tailored our carpet cleaning techniques to be the best in carpet cleaning. Perhaps it's a Berber carpet. That texture and fiber detail are taken into account. In addition, the condition, age, soil content, stains or odors, and any other pertinent factors have to be considered. Then we formulate our cleaning process to suit your needs. We know you have heard the stories maybe you have even suffered through them yourself coming home to sopping wet carpets that stayed wet for days on end in the Fort Worth humidity. You may have even had to stay elsewhere while your Fort Worth carpets dried. Not so with Kiwi's professional, Fort Worth carpet cleaning! Your carpets will be clean and dry in 15 minutes. Even the most heavily soiled carpets will be dry in less than one hour. So for quick dry carpet cleaning method in Fort Worth, call Kiwi Professional cleaners and your carpets will be dry in minutes not days.

Kiwi Carpet Cleaners Three Stages For Pet Germ Treatment
Stains in Carpet with Black Light

  1. Surface - First, we treat the carpet surface. It's more than just cleaning with some fluid that a machine squirts on your carpets. Pet stains are removed with a special solution that cuts through the grime and unsightly spots that you see on the top of the carpet. We also then treat with an antimicrobial formula that gets rid of the nasty pet odor and kills all lurking bacteria so odors don't come back.

  2. Injection - Once we remove stains and odor from the surface, our Fort Worth carpet cleaning professionals take a look at the carpet's padding. There we inject antimicrobial to tackle the urine and bacteria that have caused the odor. Both will be gone when we have finished this step.

  3. Germicidal - If the odors and damage are extensive, it requires that we lift the carpet and remove all the offending, damaged padding. We then wash, and sanitize, and seal the floor underneath. Antimicrobial is applied next, followed by another sealing step. Finally, we insert padding that is brand new and finish the job with antimicrobial we apply to the carpet, backing and surface.

Did you know Kiwi can fix pet stains, rug stains, rug odor and more? From Waxahachie to Mansfield, and North Fort Worth to the DFW area, Kiwi Services' Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth branch offers upholstery, air ducts, rug cleaning and much more since 1987. Fort Worth carpet cleaning customers have come to love Kiwi's famous One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty.

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