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Carpet Cleaning Lago Vista, TX

Enjoy a New Kind of Clean with Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Call Lago Vista Carpet Cleaning Professional

You should always be able to come home to a clean and beautiful house. The easiest and most affordable way to keep your home light and bright is by scheduling a Lago Vista carpet cleaning by KIWI! Kiwi Services has been in the carpet cleaning industry for 28 years, so you can always trust that your home is in excellent hands.

Creating Sparkling Carpets with Fresh, Natural Ingredients

Here at Kiwi we believe that a carpet cleaning should never include hazardous chemicals or harsh pollutants. that's why we only use all-natural ingredients in our carpet cleaning solution so that our services are always safe for your family and your home. We also have a commitment to keep our services eco-friendly, which is why we only choose to use the dry carpet cleaning method. This carpet cleaning method is dried using 100% cotton bonnets, producing no wastewater and drying in as little as 15 minutes.

A Lago Vista Carpet Cleaner with an Unlimited One–Year Warranty

Customers can enjoy luxurious carpets all year round, thanks to the famous Kiwi Lover One–Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty. The warranty is automatically given to customers who have spent over $120 on their first carpet cleaning and entitles them to a full year of unlimited warranty carpet cleanings for just $7 per room, plus a $37 trip. Plus, we promise to always come back and re clean if you're ever unsatisfied with our services.

For more information about Lago Vista carpet cleaning, call the Austin area Kiwi Services Center today!

KIWI Carpet Cleaning Lago Vista, TX

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