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Carpet Cleaning Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Homeowners Can Have Clean, Beautiful Carpets All YearBeautiful Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Services

Kiwi Services was started by a mom who wanted year-round carpet cleanings to keep up with her busy household of kids and pets. Since she couldn’t find one, she decided to start her own carpet cleaning company. We've been cleaning carpets for 27 years and we still have the same mission: to provide affordable year-round carpet cleanings to our customers with our Kiwi Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty. 

After your initial carpet cleaning service of $88 or more, you will be able to purchase unlimited $4 per room cleanings for a whole year under the warranty. We are the only Atlanta carpet cleaning company who keeps your carpets beautiful all year long.

Atlanta carpet cleaning reviews

Denuta S. (Atlanta, GA)
5 star rating
"I've used this company for the past two years and am always pleased with their service. The technicians are very professional and courteous. My carpets were cleaned so well that for my next service appointment I will be requesting the same technician. I would recommend this company to anyone. Also the prices are competitive and they have a hassle free warranty program."
Maria C. (Atlanta, GA)
5 star rating
"We have used Kiwi for several years and been very satisfied with their service. They were able to remove stains and deodorize areas. Their policy to return and clean throughout the year is amazing and so handy. I love their customer service team and I know that they are reliable."
Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Reviews Atlanta

Affordable carpet cleaning in Atlanta

The Environmental Protection Agency strongly suggests that you clean your carpets about every six months to a year. Carpet cleaning should be even more frequent under certain conditions such as high humidity, multiple residents, or if you have smokers or pets in your home. If there has been any kind of environmental contamination, monthly carpet cleanings are a necessity to ensure your family's safety. With our Kiwi Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty, you'll be able to afford to keep beautiful, healthy carpets all year round. Carpet Cleaning Warranty For Atlanta Customers

Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta

Frequent Carpet Cleaning Protects your Family's Health

We are constantly surrounded by all kinds of contamination and germs, which can often be tracked in on our carpets. Regular carpet cleanings can remove these contaminants and hazards, and the Kiwi Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty makes it affordable.

Dry Carpet Cleaning method

Here at Kiwi, we choose to use the environmentally friendly and convenient dry carpet cleaning, which does not leave your carpets sticky or wet after the cleaning. With the use of the dry carpet cleaning method, your carpets can dry in as little as 15 minutes. Plus, you'll love the light, citrus-fresh scent that's left behind after the cleaning. Steam cleaning often leaves a damp smell and wet carpets that you can't walk on for hours. We know you want to live in your home. Our professional carpet cleaning method lets you do just that.

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