How to Remove Scratches from Dishes

Since it’s hot chocolate season, I often reach for my favorite mug that I’ve had for years. I noticed recently that my mug is covered in scratch marks. Goo. I’ve seen many tutorials on how to remove scratches from dishes, but the problem is that many of them use cream of tartar, which is $3-4 for a little tiny bottle. No thank you, I’ll keep that for my cookies or whatever recipe uses that. However, I did try the cream of tartar and it works, but I have found an even cheaper solution that works just as well. I bet you’ll never guess what is my magic dish scratch eraser is. 🙂

Remove Marks from Dishes with Baking Soda

Okay I knew you would guess it, mostly because I use baking soda to clean everything, why should the dishes be different.

1. Mix Baking Soda and Water into a Runny Paste



I probably mixed up 2-3 tablespoons baking soda with a tablespoon of water, enough to make it a little runny.

2. Apply with Cleaning Cloth


Or use your fingers, but I suggest a cleaning cloth to keep your fingers from becoming a little raw.

3.  Buff to Remove Scratches from Dishes

Remove Silverware Marks

After doing one side, for a comparison I was quite impressed with how many dish marks the baking soda removed.

4. Wipe Clean with a Damp Cloth


While some of the marks were not completely removed, there was a significant improvement in the appearance overall. Plus, using baking soda to remove the scratches from the dish was significantly cheaper than using cream of tartar.

So you can still remove silverware marks from dishes without breaking the bank, just use the trusty baking soda.

When in doubt, use baking soda.

Happy Cleaning.

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4 Responses to How to Remove Scratches from Dishes

  1. Lillace Christianson says:

    Hi, Angela! Baking soda is great, isn’t it? Also, Barkeeper’s Friend works well on removing scratches. A little more expensive than the baking soda but it lasts a long time. I found mine at an Ace Hardware store.

  2. kentuckylady717 says:

    I use BarKeepers’s Friend also , it is good stuff….

    So now Angela I have a question for you….what will remove permanent marker from Tupperware ?
    I have tried the baking soda, baking soda & oil, goo-gone, vinegar & baking soda, none of this works…..any other ideas or maybe some of your viewers may know and will share…. Thanks

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