angela-says-changesDon’t you just love super vague yet enticing blog titles that just make you need to click on them? Me too.

Oh, big news, so I’m moving this blog to my company’s, KIWI Services, url so that I can make this blog even more… clean awesome. 🙂 I’m excited for this change as I’ll
be able to make this blog more you friendly and pin friendly. I’ve been chatting about this change with the Husband for a while now (he helps me run KIWI) and we’ve decided that it’s the best way to help Angela Says grow.

But Angela, won’t your blog turn into one of those boring corporate blogs that no one wants to read because they’re boring and a scheme to get people to click on information that’s not actually useful? Nope, no way, never in a million years because I’m in charge and I will still show you my point and shoot photos of my messy things because I have no shame. I promise to still write posts on laundry, doing the dishes, and how to make your husband use the clothes hamper (still working on that one).

I promise to still be me so please don’t let the new url scare you.

Questions? Comments? Statements about turning to the dark side (yes, they had cookies, and yes they were delicious.)? Please leave a comment below and I’ll try to ease your concerns.



6 Responses to Big Blog Changing News!

  1. Hi, Angela! I’m all for helping with your success as you have been a BLESSING! Will we still receive notice of your posts via email?

  2. Vicki A. says:

    Hi Angela~ Greetings from MN! I look forward to all your blog posts and always learn something new from you. I’m wishing you big success with your new blog changes. I need some fix-it advice from a carpet expert: How can I remove/repair a burned area in a almost new carpet? The burn mark is almost 1″ long, and the carpet is typical apartment brown-beige. Thanks a mil for sharing your wisdom!

    • Angela says:

      Sorry it took me so long to respond! If you haven’t gotten your carpet fixed already, I would definitely recommend having a professional do the carpet repair for you. The reason I say that is the carpet can become more damaged if you try to repair it yourself. A professional repair would consist of cutting out the burn mark and taking some carpet from a closet to fill the hole. The technician should use a special carpet tape to adhere the the patch with a carpet iron while matching the grain of the existing carpet.

      I hope this helps, thanks for asking!

  3. Karen says:

    E-mail finally loading on click-through, but slow. Considering that part of the problem may be current atmospheric conditions here, intermittent heavy rains.

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